when and why using bipolar?

  1. I am an OR Nurse in Hong Kong ,I would like to know why we usually use bipolar during circumcision and hand surgery?
    I know it may be due to some anatomies concern, but i dont know it in detail, can anyone explain more? thank!!
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  3. by   kathrynlynn
    A bipolar bovie provides a more precise hemostasis at the surgical site without any current spread to nearby structures.

    The bipolar bovie works different than a monopolar bovie. With the bipolar, one side of the forcep is the active electrode and the other side of the forcep is the 'return' or grounding electrode. So, you do not need a grounding pad since the flow passes between the two tips of the forcep.

    K. Lynn
  4. by   inches
    Thank kathrynlynn for the function and how does bipolar work, however, what i concern is that it's a MUST to use bipolar for the above surgical procedures in our daily practice. I want to know the reason why a monopolar cant be used instead.
  5. by   Marijke
    As Kathryn tried to explain to you, a bipolar cautery has little or no spread to surrounding tissue and therefore there is less of a chance to damage healthy tissue surrounding the surgical site. In hands there is a lot of potential to damage vital structures. I have myself never seen a bipolar cautery used for circumcissions, but hey I am a woman what do I know!
    Hope this answers your question,