What's up with RNs who refuse to scrub? - page 9

This trend, at least in the Western states, is starting to irritate me more and more, the more I see it. I have been an OR nurse for over 20 years; scrub and circulate all areas; have done all kinds... Read More

  1. by   Jackie F.
    I would love to scrub, if my hospital would give me the oppty. They use ORT's only for scrubbing, and if they are short ORT's will then go to the RN's, but I haven't scrubbed in 6 months because I am still the most recent hire and have to get in line behind all the other RN's ahead of me trying to get oppty to scrub. Both my current employer and my previous hospital hired only ORT's to scrub, both hospitals in Oregon. I got into Perioperative nursing because I wanted to scrub and work toward a First Assist, which I see now I will not have oppty to do until I relocate somewhere where I can scrub and have an MD sponsor. I can't log scrub hours if I'm not scrubbing! So I don't think it's a matter of RN's not willing to scrub, but a matter of not being given the oppty to scrub.
  2. by   carcha
    That is so sad Jackie. I truly believe a peri- operative nurse is a nurse who can work in anaesthetics, circulate, manage a list, and perform post operative care as well. So as far as I'm concerned your so limited when your not scrubbing. I would change jobs or go to my supervisor and explain that after 6 months you should have some experience scrubbing. What happens if you stay where u are for another year and then go somewhere where you will be expected to scrub?, your co workers might expect you to have some experience and you will lose out. I hope you get a chance to scrub, good luck, fingers crossed here in london for you.
  3. by   shodobe
    I am so lucky in the fact where I work I can do both. My main hospital only uses RNs, so everyone who hires on has to learn to scrub. The other hospital I work part time uses ORTs to scrub most of the cases. They also use RNs in all of their open hearts. I get lucky because I go there mostly to give breaks and give lunches. I scrub out the ORTs because only a few RNs can scrub and that leaves ME! All of the RNs there want to learn to scrub but have been told it might be years before they are given the oppurtunity. I feel for the ones who can't scrub because of politics, let's face it the only reason hospitals use ORTs to begin with is because they are a cheap labor force. RNs are so versatile they should be used to their max. All I can say is hang in there and maybe something will happen for you. If not keep your eyes open for other jobs that will let you persue your dreams. Mike