whats a typical day like?

  1. I am a student and will be graduating soon. I am trying to decide where I want to work (NO MED-SURG!!) Whats a typical day like in the PACU? I will get the chance to shadow in December but would like to know what to expect. Whats the pt load like?? Thanks for any responses!
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    Anyone?? Anyone??
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    Hi Jessjoy,
    I can only speak for my "typical" day in PACU. First, there IS no typical! We know whats coming we just never know whats gonna happen. We start the day by opening up, turning on equipment, checking the balnket warmer, re-stocking if needed. Then patients arrive, we hook them to O2, monitoe the BP, Pulse ox, and heart on the monitors. We do very rapid and thourough head to toe assesments in the middle of all this,while (hopefully)getting report from the circulator nurse and anesthesia. Then, we medicate for pain. Some patients have airways to monitor, some need ventillation,some need potent vasoactive meds for BP... I have a good time most days, because even with the "routine", one NEVER know what will happen. YOu have to be on the ball. You must have ACLS, PALS, and know how to monitor heart rhythms. I hope you find your place in nursing and enjoy it. Remember, you can go anywhere. I think some ICU or tele experience would REALLY help you before PACU.
    Good luck!!!!