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It was a patient with multiple gun shot wounds to the chest and abdomen. Positioned supine with his lateral chest split wide open and retracted back. He had a midline abdominal incision retracted... Read More

  1. by   mcmike55
    Thank goodness no one else was injured, but it leads to the question,,,,how long until something does happen??!!
    ED people reading this may nod their heads, they live this fear. You hear about shootings in the hospital every once in a while. With drug busts, gang wars, etc, I am a little surprized that it doesn't happen more often.
    Maybe we in OR are a bit spoiled....we are not used to people violating our "environment". Welcome to the real world!!
    I say this, working in a small rural hospital, where that sort of thing has never happened, knock on wood.
    An anes. doc told me the story once about someone, armed, in their OR looking for the pt they were working on. He went left, they were on the right, and police got him before he could back track to them! I hate to think what could have happened! He's killed once (or tried to), I doubt if another person would be of concern to him!

  2. by   traumaRUs
    Hey guys this thread though still relevant is over 5 1/2 years old! Maybe for more current news, start a new thread?
  3. by   mikethern
    Quote from nrw350
    This is just too scary. You are never safe anywhere anymore. Unless you are buried underground and encased in a concrete vault. But even then, you will die without outside support of some kind.

    Eh, look on the bright side. The operating room is one of the most isolated workplaces from the public there is. Think how much more dangerous it is to work in a convenience store for example. We nurses have a much greater chance of work-related injury than we do of being shot.
  4. by   ewattsjt
    Our OR manager has been trying to “budget” us for card swipe passes for all doors that lead to the main OR. It was like that at the last facility. The one I am currently at, anyone can just walk across our line that tells us sub-sterile to sterile. We have also caught wandering (lost) patient's family walking through the surgery suite.

    I have always felt our security was lax in this area but your post only confirms this sentiment. I am so glad there were no other problems for you and the rest of the staff.
  5. by   ewattsjt
    I admit I did not look at the initial poster’s date but, IMHO it is still relevant because security in many facilities is still lacking. It just goes to show that some things are changing ever so slowly.