Travel nurses in your OR

  1. I usually hang out in the Travel Nurse forum, but there isn't a lot of info there on the Operating Room. I prefer to work in the CVOR, and Hearts are my favorite. Started traveling in the winter last year and may start full time travel in an RV this summer. Have a couple of things to finish before I can be sure.

    How many of you work with, or are travel nurses?

    Are all RN's required to Circulate at your hospital?

    Anyone traveled strictly by Motorcycle to and from your assignment?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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  3. by   MsLeylaBar
    [font=fixedsys]i used to travel ( 5 years), i work with many travelers now. each rn is always required to circulate, those who scrub may scrub once in awhile, depends on tech availability.

    traveling by motorcycle, you'll have to find a company that provides a lot more than the basic furniture. or you can ship everything beforehand. or if you are a minimalist :wink2: but most travelers i know have big trucks or an rv.
  4. by   SandraCVRN
    We have 3 travelers right now, when we hired them we asked for persons able to circulate and scrub. They mostly circulate but scrub when needed. They have been wonderful and we will miss them greatly when they leave in a few weeks.

    We had 1 nurse on maternity leave and 3 others that had major surgery and were off for 6-8 weeks.
    Thanks for the replies, right now I need to pick the places I want to work instead of choosing from the places that are available. Will look into local agencies, but don't see a lot of them supplying OR nurses. Need to travel from Kansas to Florida for a couple more years, any assistance appreciated.