Top Ten Signs That This Case Has Been Going WAY Too Long......

  1. 10. You start making crank calls from the phone in the operating room.

    9. You figure out how to reprogram the new EKG monitor and have now set a new world record score for Pong.

    8. You page the nursing supervisor to the OR STAT, and when she runs into the department, tell her you need her to get a hamburger and fries for each member of the scrub team. **note--they REALLY hate it when you do that**

    7. Using discarded glove wrappers and saline bottles, you have created a mixed media replica of the Eiffel Tower.

    6. You vow that you will smash the CD player with a traction weight if you have to listen to the surgeon's favorite CD one more time.

    5. You have a paper airplane war with anesthesia, using parts of the old chart.

    4. Suddenly, anesthesia's jokes are actually FUNNY.

    3. You turn the thermostat up to 80 degrees just to see if it will get the surgeon to operate any faster.

    2. You invent a new game called "specimen, specimen, who's got the specimen??"

    1. You come up with a humor list called "Top Ten Signs That This Case Has Been Going WAY Too Long......"

    ********Just thought I'd share something I found on the internet....enjoy!! Anne.
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  3. by   armyrn
    Hilarious! Thanks for sharing.
  4. by   normarae
    I am going back to the OR after 1 yr in correctional nursing. Your msg took me back to the OR immediately. Thanks a lot!!