title of job, for canadian nurses only

  1. I hope a Canadian nurse can help me. One of my friends here in London is moving to Canada. Her boyfriend wants to work in the sterilising dept. of the OR. He dosent know the title of the job in Canada though and I hope you can tell me. thanks.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    In Canada and the US, the sterilizing is no longer done in the surgical area, but in Sterile Processing. They handle sterile equipment and processing for the enitre hospital.

    The cleaning of the instruments before they go to processing is usually done by a technician in the OR, these are usually CSTs that rotate thru the room that day. CST is Certified Surgical Technician. Some hospitals will have one person that si always in there, but not too often any more.
  4. by   carcha
    Thanks Suzanne, I have told him to apply for a job in the "Sterile Processing Area". Thanks again.