Sterile theatre trolley covers

  1. Hi, Does anyone know any info. or research on what trolley covering one should be using under the tray of sterile instruments. We currentlly just use the layer of wraps in which the instrument sets are autoclaved in and these are just water repellant and are not water proof , there seems to now be a school of thought that we should always be using a 3rd cover which is completely water proof. This is now what i have to find out about so we can have one gen theatre policy for all our theatres.

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  3. by   mud
    Where I work, the staff all put a wet sheet on our back tables. Our bundles have two small outer wraps, then the one that actually covers the table top. Most of these have seen better days. If there is going to be any chance of this table drape getting wet, ie) a pitcher of irrigation, then we take the extra percautions to prevent strike through. For our ring stands, we will open our basins right on them. They are wrapped in blue, water repellant wrap. We tested them once. We poured one litre of sterile water in the wrap, and it held it, so we trust it. We use it alone, on a single ring stand. Some chose to cover over it with a sm. sheet too. For a double ring stand, we always cover over it with a large sheet. That way, if your basin sloshes, and the drape gets wet, you know you are still ok, since the blue wrap is beneath it.