sterile core contamination

  1. hey, need everyone's help... and thanks in advance for it. I am an ICU nurse who works part time as house supervisor. My first night.....

    Our sterile core was contaminated by a construction crew (sanding floor, propped open door) and dust went everywhere. Not sure of other hospital set up's but our OR room air intake originates from sterile core... hence contaminating all 8 OR's plus all the sterile supplies in each OR and the entire, now unsterile core.

    Does your hospital have a contamination proceedure? Has anyone experienced this? While I feel my efforts were correct in containment, diversion of surgeries and resterilization.... I was left wondering if this process should not be a standard of "disaster plans" for the OR's.

    Again, not being an OR nurse, I need your feedback, please. Should our hospital have a written plan of decomtamination steps, not everyone has the management background I had to mobilize the needed personal to have had surgeries up and running with in a few hours.

    help! and thanks

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  3. by   shudokan-RN
    we had the air conditioning go out, moisture every where.
    terminally cleand all OR rooms, and re- processed all sterile instrument trays etc. threw out any thing else that could not be re-processed we were closed for 3 hours ...everyone pitched in expensive , but worth patient safety