1. A question for all you knowledgeable OR folk out there. I would like to include those of you that take care of our pt's as well on the floor after surgery.
    We have been having a difference of opinion about surgical dressing changes.
    We have seen some surgical site infections (SSI), and one of our docs says that infections originate in the operating room, period.
    My thoughts are that even though the wound is closed, etc, couldn't there still be some way a surgical wound could get infected from other sources.?
    I understand there are many, many factors involved, and I really don't argue the fact that an infection originates in surgery, but, I still wonder if our technique, etc is the ONLY factor to determine a SSI.

    thanks for your input.
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  3. by   MelissaRN
    Well I don't know much about this subject but I can venture a guess. It could be technique, it could be certain protocols such as whether or not they premedicate with antibiotics, could be the patient's immune system. Also the way that the site is cared for on the floor too matters and how it's assessed. I mean if it's a confused patient that is incontinent and gets the dressings soiled or if the dressings are changed using proper technique. There are alot of contributing factors.