Same Day Discharge

  1. Does anyone have a policy in their PACU about discharging kids after same day surgery? Specifically about identifying the parents or guardian of the child? My PACU currently doesn't have a policy and is trying to see what other hospitals are doing.
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  3. by   kyti
    We have no policy regarding this. It will be interesting to see what others are doing.
  4. by   Fiona59
    Only day surgery my youngest ever had was the dreaded "ear tubes". I think he was in hospital maybe six hours. Took him home with a prescription, and a patient care info sheet. Wasn't a nurse back then, so just followed instructions.

    Just had to have his provincial health care card for his identification and nobody checked if we were his parents, but then it was a day surgery and the same staff that admitted him.
  5. by   ShirleyM
    Where I work parents are allowed to join minor children in PACU. They're brought to PACU by the Waiting Room secretary when the PACU are ready for the parents to be brought in. The Waiting Room secretary knows who the parents are because they have to sign in with her while waiting for their kid in surgery, plus she usually meets them before the minor patient and family are taken to Day surgery pre-op.
  6. by   sharann
    They go home with a legal guardian which is usually a parent but on occasion is a relative or foster situation. They have to be legal guardians though. It's tricky w/kids but just know who is who from the get go. Never saw a policy but we just know this is sensible. Obvioulsy they must be an adult.