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  1. I have been asked to write a policy concerning Sales Reps. in the Operating Room. Any suggestions on how you handle them? If you have a written policy, I would love to have a copy if you are willing to share. Thanks for any help you can give.
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  3. by   mud
    We have just recently established a P&P for this exact situation. We are getting more and more into min. inv. surg. We have had a lot of trials etc...therefore, tons of reps coming through.
    Our form in very simple. After checking in at the desk with the unit leader, a form is stamped with the patients card. It is signed by the patient, anethetist, and surgeon. It simply states that they can be present in the room during the surgery to offer instruction, advice in regards to their product. It stays with the chart. Something I never thought of though.....what if the patient had been administered medication prior, such as versed?? I guess I will bring this up at our next staff meeting.
  4. by   mavalley
    Thank you for the idea regarding the Sales Rep. sign in sheet. I was also wondering if you have them sign a waiver stating they have had instructions in Aseptic Technique, Hepatitis Screening and/or vaccination, and are aware of Universal precautions??? (This request comes from our CEO)
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    For guidelines you can also look at AORN 2001 Recommended Standards Book. On page 115, they have a position statement in regard to the health care industry representative in the operating room.

    You might also throw out your question on one of two other message boards (both specific to perioperative nursing). You could post your question on "membertalk" with the website of AORN. OR, you could post on another web board entitled

    You will get a much better response.

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  6. by   mud
    I only just checked back to the site...sorry took so long.
    To my knowledge, nothing is singed re universal precautions, etc...I can see why CEO is concerned with this. However, the rep. knows he can not touch the sterile field, and stays back from it. He instructs verbally only, or with an extra of whatever it is they are trialing. There is no threat to their safety, or the patients that I can see. In all honesty though, I guess there is always the chance of a bodily fluid splash, or a flying contaminated instrument from a frustrated surgeon(kidding). I will bring this up at our next staff meeting, thanks. MUD