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  1. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from bamaRN34
    Funny story - We have a urologist who has a sense of humor. If he thinks you are not paying attention, he will squirt you with the water from his scope! So, pee in the mouth isn't exactly unheard of. He has also squirted KY down a nurse's scrub shirt (she wears hers a little too low cut for my tastes - but, who am I to judge?)

    His sense of humor's going to , pardon the pun, peeze off the wrong person someday.

    Not to mention his idea of humor is, uh, a little gross.
  2. by   ewattsjt
    Quote from mikethern
    If he is doing that after the scope was inserted into the patient, then I would be furious. Throwing body fluids at staff is no laughing matter. As far as I am concerned, it's assault.

    I also wear a mask with a face shield in endoscopy rooms. It is for protection for me. We had a pt that had lied about being a drug user and we could not sedate him well. We were doing an egd so the gag reflex spewed bile up my arm, neck, face and included the corner of my mouth. I now gown and mask for everything!
  3. by   mikethern
    Quote from ewattsjt

    I now gown and mask for everything!
    That's smart. Every circulator should wear eye protection all the time but only about 1% of them do.