RN First assist.

  1. I was wondering about the experiences of any RN first assistants. I know you go to extra school outside of the RN. Is it worth it pay wise? Do you get paid more than an RN that's just circulating? I was looking up info everywhere and I can't find anything! Thanks.
    I heard in WA they get paid by the case? Sound true or not?

    Thanks for the little bit of info!

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  3. by   mikethern
    My workplace has about 15 RNFA's. I think they earn about a dollar more per hour, but it's worth it because being an RNFA is the easiest job in the O.R.

    Circulating sucks.
    Scrubbing is fun.
    First assisting is a cakewalk.
  4. by   Satori77
    Where can you find out about schools??
  5. by   mikethern
    Quote from Satori77
    Where can you find out about schools??
    Do your research about this school....

    Your hospital might even be willing to pay for your training.
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  7. by   rachelgp
    Ok, so I know there is no substitute for experience, but what are you supposed to do if you want to get into OR? I mean, everyone has to start somewhere, right? From the research I've done, most of these certifications (CNOR and RNFA) want 2 years experience before you're even eligible to certify! What are you supposed to do in the meantime? Forgive me if this is a dumb question.
  8. by   divokevan
    What you have to do is get in on a consortium where they hire unexperienced nurses and they train you from the ground up so to speak. Most hospitals do this once a year or so in the OR in Washington. I am going to go in through a graduate RN internship my hospital does. They only have two spots twice a year but i think it'll be okay, my mom is an RN, CNOR in the OR there. Here's to positive thinking!