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  1. So I just wanted to get some opinions on something. Just so you know I do know how to do my correct counts I am just wondering on a certain thing for something I am working on. Say a doctor is implanting something. There is a tab on it is suppose to be cut in half and both pieces removed once the implant is in place. Lets say half of it was removed the other half was retained.
    Do you feel as it is the Circulator and the Scrub Tech is at fault that it was retained because both pieces were not counted when it should have been removed or do you feel the doctor is at fault.
    All counts of soft goods, needles, and instruments were correct.
    As far as the tab pieces that are cut and removed do you scrub tech's throw those pieces away in their little trash bags on the back tables since they are trash after they are removed. Or, do you put those in your counts?

    I am just taking a poll on this. Thanks for any input.
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    We only count items that are sponges, sharps, or instruments. Those at the field are responsible for being aware of the location of items such as what you are referring to. Such as with orthopedic implants "One trial pin in. Two trial pins in. One trial pin back, one trial pin in. Two trial pins back, no trial pins in."
  4. by   sarahf81
    Thank you for your reply. That was along the line I was thinking. The physician should know how to work the device they are implanting correctly and know those pieces are to be removed. I have no idea if the tech or the circulator had even been trained on how the particular device even works and how it should be implanted. However, it is the physician implanting the device themselves. The debate is if the circulator and scrub should be held accountable for counting the plastic piece that is removed from the implant after it is int he correct spot and doc removes what was suppose to be 2 pieces. Are we responsible for that or is the doctor. That is why I was asking if we are responsible to count the disguarded pieces on implants. I get the screws and plates for other but this is for gyn. If that makes sense to you.
  5. by   Rose_Queen
    It's a team effort, not just the surgeon. If the staff is not familiar with the implant, where is the rep?