Question for all? Looks like an RN to me, maybe a PCT or LPN

  1. Ok just curious about this one. I've only been a real working RN for 2 and a half months. I've trained on other floors and now in the OR. I've had people and hospital staff think i'm a tech or a nursing student. One lady called me a little girl today which i thought was funny because i'm not, but i was happy because i take it as a compliment. I obviously look younger than my real age. Even out in public when i tell someone i'm a Registered Nurse i either get "Oh wow thats pretty neat." or i get "You're a nurse?", "Are you a CNA or LPN?" I don't look that young because when i ask some people to guess my age they usually say anywhere between 22-29. I still get carded for lottery tickets and liquor, so i guess i look 18 or so to some.
    I just think its odd that so many people would think i'm a PCT or a nursing student. I'm wondering if its because i don't display enough confidence like an experienced nurse and/or because i look young. What do you all think? Have you gone through similiar experiences? Please share.
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  3. by   rehab nurse
    I often got asked if I am a CNA when I did agency, until the other nurses knew me.

    I became a LPN at 19 years old, and I will be an RN at 29 years old. I too, look very young. I have tried everything from more professional uniforms, to shorter hair, everything.

    I take it as a compliment, because I'll hopefully look 25 when I'm 45...

    However, I always have my badge visible that clearly states my title. Not too many people do that, I don't know why. I was always proud of my license, as a LPN now, and I will be proud as a RN as well.

    I love when patients used to ask me how many times I've hung an IV, or anything else. They always look shocked when they find out how long I've been a nurse and how old I really am. Most people think I am somewhere between 18 and 25. When I was first a nurse, I looked much younger, around 16 or so. Just show confidence, and be glad people think you are so young!!!