PreOp labs

  1. When checking in a patient, what kind of abnormal lab values could lead to the surgery being canceled?
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  3. by   cardiacRN2006
    Elevated WBC, PTT, low H/H....

    Low electrolytes could postpone it until corrected.
  4. by   neneRN
    Think of the complications associated with most surgeries; bleeding, infection, etc. So you might see surgery cancelled in patients who are already compromised in those areas as shown by their abnormal labs.
  5. by   Jgivens
    Where I work, we frequently cancel surgery or scopes because of high INRs. Patients often times forget to stop taking Coumadin, and they then present as a bleeding risk.

    We do urine pregnancy tests on any female of childbearing age who still has a menstrual period and has not had a tubal. All other labs are done if the patient has specific conditions that warrant them or is having symptoms when they come to the preop area.