Pregnant OR Nurses

  1. What is the procedure in your hospital whenever somebody gets pregnant ?
    Do they transfer to another unit/department ?
    Please share your thoughts

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  3. by   spineCNOR
    In the facility where I work pregnant nurses stay in the department. Some accomodations are usually made, such as these nurses are not assigned to fluroscopy cases. X-ray techs should be aware that there is a pregnant nurse in the room, so that they give her enough warning to leave the room before shooting an X-ray. The department has also generally worked with work restrictions, such as allowing women in advanced pregnancy to work half-days.
    In the area of the country where I live, and in the facility where I work there is a shortage of OR nurses, so the hospital is motivated to provide reasonable accomodations to allow the pregnant nurses to work as long as possible.
  4. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    There are some restrictions...

    xray cases
    ortho. due to the cement mix safety in expectant mothers is not known...also, because ortho cases are long and lots of work with one of our ortho surgeon (he's alot work).

    Depends too on the individual...pregnancy isn't an illness or sickness and some thrive and do as little as possible because of their pregnancy and others stay the same.
  5. by   chartleypj
    Years ago nurses who became pregnant were asked to leave the dept. during the first trimester.
    Now passe, a nurse remains in the OR and is assigned to cases without fluro, mask inductions or cement .
    I'm of the belief that it is just as safe to be shielded and aware x-ray is in use. The pregnant nurse who is unprotected and unaware of a procedure in a particular room is at higher risk.