Policy for ICU patients going to surgery, are they put in holding area?

  1. Any pre-op nurses that can tell me what their policy or procedure is for ICU patients going to surgery. Are they brought to pre-op holding, or are they kept in ICU until ready for surgery. Had a patient on propofol drip put in the Pre-op holding area. Nurse gave report to an Anesthesia PA. Outcome not good.
    Thanks, Just wanted to know what is the normal procedure.
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  3. by   preciousmofo
    Our policy is ICU patients do not come to holding. And definetly NOT on a propofol drip. The ICU is directly across from OR, so it's convenient. We're technically not supposed to take any drips at all, but I find that hard to really believe, because this pre-op area I work in takes ambulatory and in-patients. This hospital apparently decided to combine the old holding with the amb. pre-op. I've only been working there for about a month and I'm still trying to figure out the logic at times.
  4. by   suzanne4
    Pre-Op patients that are in the ICU, are normally seen by anesthesia while still in their ICU room. When time for surgery, they are taken to the OR by the nurse for the patient, and usually a member of the anesthesia team that will be caring for the patient in the OR. Or by the RN, and a respiratory therapist. Especially when they are on any drips. Nurses in Pre-Op are not routinely trained in the use of Propofol, etc. Care is then transferred to the anesthesia team and the Circulator for the OR room.
  5. by   Rnn2003
    i am in total agreement with what suzanne. that is what the policy states at

    the hospital where i am employed.
  6. by   ShirleyM
    Where I used to work, the only ICU patients that would be in pre-op holding were patients not on ventilators or on drips like Propofol. The place where I'm at now have all their ICU patients go from ICU straight to the OR. The surgical team goes to ICU for their pre-op interview/assessment and then take the patient to the OR.
  7. by   shodobe
    Ditto! ShirleyM. We have the same policy here for all ICU patients. Mike
  8. by   OnCall4Life
    In our area all ICU patients go directly to the OR unless they are not on any drips or vents. Anesthesia sees them in the ICU and makes the call from there. And when they are OK'd for the pre-op holding area an RN is right there with them until the Circulator can take over.
  9. by   carcha
    Same here in London, patients are brought to the OR by the anaesthetist and an ICU nurse. There in no stopping along the way.
  10. by   amnesia
    Our ICU pts. go straight from ICU to OR with RN and Anes. travelling with them. If pt is stable post-op, we have some that go straight back to ICU.