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  1. Hi everyone! I'm a nurse with 6 years of experience, most of it ER and I'm looking to make a switch to peri-op. The position I'm applying for involved a lot of pre-op and post-op care and from what I understand not too much circulating type duties as they have separate nurses for that. The ER I love but it's draining and the hours and scheduling are very difficult. I'm a little burnt out and looking for a change.

    I came to this board to get some insight and I have to say I've been left a little freaked out, it sounds like every encounter with surgeons is bad lol! My rotations through pre-op, OR, and post-op through nursing school and mandatory job training for my other jobs have been really positive. I know surgeons and surgical PAs can be nasty, I worked on a neurosurgical floor at my first job. In the ER we have to deal with strong personalities too, especially with the specialists like cardiology and ICU docs that come through here, so I'm definitely not naive to those kinds of people. However I would like some comparison for any of you who have worked on different floors, in particular ICU and ED. I don't want to go to a place where I'm getting yelled at and belittled every day .
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    As you implied most peri-op units have nurse float between pre-op and post-op only. Circulators only work OR. I have only heard from one poster, here on Allnurses, who said her peri-op job also included her working as a circulator. But from my experience that is really rare.

    Any way pre-op and post-op is fun and easy. I have never worked as a circulator. I have done moderate sedation in the OR, and have made friends with circulators I work with.

    Sure some surgeons were not fun to work with, had their issues, as any human from fellow nurses, to friends, has. Good days and bad days, good moods and bad moods. You can even encounter this in pre-op and post-op.

    In the ideal world any unit from med/surg to peds, to ER, to OR, etc., should not tolerate any doctor, (or anyone) yelling at or belittling anyone! Ideally there is a way to address this is if happens.