outpatient surgery and scrubs

  1. Have a question regarding the wearing of scrubs. REcently our facility started providing scrubs that we have to wear. We also got a new administrator who has a surgical tech background and that's it...????? Anyway, she has now stated that no one in scrubs(which is everyone) cannot leave the building to get lunch unless we change. Well, they are not offering time to change then leave then come back and change then eat. But...those who smoke can go outside and smoke in their scrubs but no one is to go to their cars if they need something out of it. Her rationale is this one phrase "sterile technique". Now, I know we're not sterile, circs aren't sterile, recovery is not sterile, preop is not sterile. I know there are some sort of rule here we should follow but I think this chick is just pulling crap out of her ass in order to mark territory. Our last administrator, also a surg tech and her instructor when she was in school didn't have such rules. If someone knows of a policy of this sort that makes sense please let me know.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Many outpatient facilites are actually on the grounds of hospitals. The doctors go back and forth all day, with just a white lab coat covering. Same as with the staff borrowing supplies, etc. Your scrubs are not sterile, only clean. It is not even a rule anymore that shoe covers must be worn.

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  4. by   shodobe
    I agree with suzzane4, there is no basis for her logic. I have even read a few articles about the need for masks in the OR except for the group at the table! Really what is sterile and how long does it remain sterile after opening it? It becomes clean in my opinion once the package is opened. People walked all over the place inside the hospital and out with no increase in infection. I think if you go to a web site called, www.infectioncontroltoday.com, you will find the answer or at least be able to ask their experts the appropriate question. I think they will be able to answer all your questions. Also go to the AORN site, lots of info there. She is blowing wind and doesn't have the correct answer. Good luck, Mike
  5. by   Gompers
    I feel your pain! I work in a NICU where we are supplied surgical scrubs. Everyone in OR, NICU, OB, and Burns must wear them. If we leave our units then we must wear a buttoned, knee-length, white lab coat. If we go into another "sterile" unit we can take the lab coat off once inside. If we are leaving the hospital, we have to change our clothes as well! Most of us take our lunches in the breakroom on the unit, but there are a lot of smokers so it gets annoying because it takes them twice as long because they have to change into their street clothes. Even when we go on a transport to get a baby from another hospital's "sterile" nursery, we have to change into a special pair of "outside" scrubs.
  6. by   Michael2546
    I work in a large hospital and we are required to purchase our own scrubs. Not just for outpatient procedures but for all procedures (heart, neuro, transplants). The only people that are provided scrubs are the MD's and CRNA's. I remember when we had to wear hospital scrubs and could not wear them out of the hospital but now if you wear hospital scrubs you will be repremanded. I have tried to get the policy change back but the National infection control nurses group have published studies that show no increase in infection rate with staff wearing scrubs laundered at home. AORN still recommends that the hospital provide scrubs and there is a study ongoing about this issue but economically the hospitals are not going to change back because of the savings on scrubs due to theft. I have heard that Vanderbilt University has gone to a vending machine scrub dispenser where you swipe your card and it gives you scrubs then you return them. If you fail to return them it will not dispense you another pair until you return the previous pair. Sounds like a good idea.
  7. by   orrnlori
    Yeah, it's called autovalet and we have it at UK. It stinks, if the computer messes up you can't get your scrubs for the day, then you have to either borrow and swipe someone else's card or you have to track down the guy in the business office to reset it. And then the folks that put the scrubs in the machine mix up the sizes so you don't get your size.
  8. by   POPRN
    YEA we have the scrubavail in our hospital. you get 2 credits. you have to use your badge or punch in your ID number...right now it isn't working....I can get scrubs but can't return them!!! or the machine runs out of my size!!! then I have to go to the next size up...I wear a small only because the hospital won't get the extra smalls. so a medium is huge!!!! the machine cost $60,000 and is supposed to stop people from stealing scrubs...If someone wants to steal scrubs they will figure a way to do it.
    Plus we only have unisex scrubs...really the male style. only one pocket on the shirt and a rear pocket on the pants. I really miss the old days...the women had 2 shirt pockets and no pants pockets. OH well...progress