OR Training?

  1. I'm in Tennessee (Nashville area) and would like to know if anyone knows where a nurse can get training to work in the OR?
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  3. by   elcue
    Many hospitals are now '"growing their own" OR nurses because we are in short supply and our specialty is seldom taught in basic nursing programs any more. They may use a syllabus published by the Association of PeriOperative Nurses which includes several months of both detailed classroom work and structured, supervised clinical experience/training.
    The 2 institutions where I've seen this program used have had pretty good success with it. Both of these ORs contracted for a minimum one-year work commitment from graduates of their courses.
    Other ORs may use a less formally structured program of their own to teach experienced RNs the theory and practice of perioperative nursing.

    So, look around, make phone calls, and try to find an OR where you can interview for such a program. www.aorn.org may offer some info that will helpp you find participating ORs.

    Good luck