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    We are doing some Rapid Improvement Events in our OR and our next one is on scheduling/staffing to demand. Currently we have basically 2 shifts, 0630-1500 and 1220-2030. This is not fully supporting our staffing needs and we are trying to find creative ways to change our staffing situation. I'm looking for either new ideas or staffing practices that you are currently using in your OR's that seem to be effective. Thank you in advance for any input!
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    What type of facility are you? Trauma? Academic? When do surgeries usually start and finish? Going to need a heck of a lot more info there.

    I work at a level 2 trauma facility. We staff about 40 ORs during day shift (mostly 8 hour shifts with a few 10 or 12 hour shifts thrown in), have 3 teams that come in at 1100 to start lunch reliefs and then work until 1900, have 2 teams come in at 1500, and then staff 1 team overnight. We have 2 additional teams on call 1500-0700.