On-Call Rules

  1. I wanted to get an opinion and some thoughts on how your facility addresses the on-call rules. Here are a few:
    1. Time constraints, ie- time expected to be at the hospital

    2. Geographical restrictions, ie- how far away you can be

    3. A place, sleep room, you can stay in if you should live farther away than your time

    I'm trying to get an idea how each facility treats their on-call staff and what each side expects out of each other so the job can get done with no delay.

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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    1. 30 minutes from answering call to present in the OR- changed and ready for patient.

    2. None, just have to be able to meet 30 minute requirement. We have some who live slightly more than an hour away.

    3. 2 bedroom apartment, shared with another department. 1 bedroom = female, other bedroom = male. Can sleep up to 8 (9 if you include the couch). Kitchen is not stocked with food or drink- must bring your own. Laundry supplied by the hospital- bed linens only; no washer/dryer in apartment. WiFi signal from hospital across the street too weak to be of use; very limited basic cable. Very few people use it, since most outside the 30 minute range prefer to stay with friends and take advantage of food, internet, cable TV.