Not Happy With My OR - page 3

Hi everyone. I went straight into the OR right after i graduated nursing school. I took the AORN periop class and signed a contract. I am not happy working in this OR for many reasons. I dread... Read More

  1. by   TracyB,RN
    Hey Issey...I was just checking in to see how you were hanging in...

    I frequently have to remind myself that it is not my problem if some jerk of a surgeon/co-worker/resident/med-student/ supervisor, etc, etc is in a bad mood. Heck with them. Don't let them
    ruin your day or your experiences. Too much cool stuff to learn.

    I've also been in a rough spot at work & sometimes just having a day off during the week really helps. LOL, sometimes 2...
    I was thinking about saying hell with it the other day & saw a piece of something on the ground while we were trick-or-treating... It was a laminated bookmark with the Serenity Prayer. Now, if that's not a sign from God to stick it out, I don't know what is...Hmmm, maybe it was God telling me to get out while the getting was good, LOL.. Either way... we are responsible for our own happiness...

    Hang in there.