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Hi everyone, I'm new in USA, I been working in UK in the OR, I usually work in outpatient surgery where I was doing scrub and circulate in ophthalmic and ENT cases. Now I'm here in USA, they put... Read More

  1. by   TracyB,RN
    Usually, we will splint for ORIF's (open reduction internal fixations) of extremities... Sometimes a full cast, sometimes, just a posterior mold with Ace wrap. We'll splint extremities. If we're using pins, plates, screws we have the splinting materials nearby. Depending on size of extremity or patient, the splint material may vary. May use the rolls of plaster cast material... smaller on smaller patients or arms (2-3 inch usually) & 3.5-5 inch if a lower extremity... Know what I mean.
    If we do Ex-Fix (External Fixation) we usually just wrap the pin sites. Some docs like Adaptic, others like Kerlex soaked in Betadine PAINT. Another one of those surgeon preference things, LOL

    We have a plastic surgeon that uses the Wilson frame. I'm not a fan b/c I worry about the frame slipping. I really like the Jackson with the spine top for prone surgeries. It's very intimidating at first, but once you get used to it, it's not so bad. Just have to remember that patient safety is first & foremost & never let anyone rush you when setting up that table. Our surgeon is the bomb. He helps & as long as he knows we're not lollygagging around, he is always so helpful.
    Ugghgh, I can't wait till this stupid medical leave is over & get my butt back to work.... I miss it so much. Geeez, how weird is that?
  2. by   umakemesmile
    We use many of Synthes products. Synthes make a great chart of what plate and screws are used where. If your faciltity does not have ask the rep for one. This helped me alot in my early days, esp. on call. They also have charge sheets so you can keep track of what being used during the case.
    Preference cards are a bible, but only if they are kept up to date. (My pet peave at my facility.) But I learned only by doing over and over.
    I agree with TracyB, ask for more time in the speciality you have trouble with. I think sometimes in a muti-speciality OR you are a jack of all trades-master of none. And my motto is: They can only kill you once. LOL