New to OR, help me on basic concepts

  1. Hi there, its my 5th day in the OR, and i am such a rookie. Are there any videos/links out there where i could learn basic OR techniques such as how to glove, scrub, gown and most importantly, MEMORIZE the most common instruments and what to anticipate during a surgery. thank you all
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  3. by   #1rnstudent
    When it comes to the instruments, try this book:

    Start with a gen surg major tray and build from there. That is how I started. This book is pretty good and has a lot of pictures in it. I have several other tool books for OR but this one is the best by far. Even my clinical educator saw it and was amazed - she ordered a bunch of copies for the other new people, when I was new.

    Alternatively, you can get that above book with another one here:

    Alexander's covers the basics, including but not limited to: instruments and surgeries, patient preparation, positioning, sutures, etc. It's a great basic book, one that I got for myself just after completing my perioperative program. Wish I would have had Alexander's instead of the Berry & Kohn I was required to get. Oh well. I learn, I manage, I survive and I carry on to nurse another shift.
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  4. by   jnl2000
    I agree Alexanders is a great book and a wonderful resource. That is what we used in our class. Have you been to an OR class?