New RN in the OR with chance to specialize in Open Hearts

  1. I have a question to put to all of you...
    I'm a new graduate RN than has been working in the OR for the last year and a half as a nurse tech. It's a new program my hosp started to lure nursing students into the OR. At the begining of my program I spent 3 months in our open heart area learning how to prepare lines, move patients, stock rooms, etc... I then moved on to the general side and have been shadowing the circulator and learning to second scrub. I'm now doing basically everything the circ does in preparation to running my own room. Today I was approached by the CC of open hearts offering me the opportunity to join the team. My question is...should I?
    would it be better to stay on "the other side" (ie; all the rest) and gain experience there or should I take the opportunity in hearts? I've long ago made my decision that the OR is whhere I want to be but I'm worried about specializing right off the bat in the OR. Any input? Thanks Tariet
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  3. by   SICU Queen
    Do the hearts...
  4. by   shodobe
    Go for it! You will never know if this is for you unless you try. You can always go back to the "other side"
  5. by   anthony
    don,t fall into the abyss just yet. stay true to yourself and keep getting experience. once you in o.h. you will always be put there.
    it,s obvious you're passing the grade by her approach is credit to you.i have just seen too many that specialize before their foundation is set. keep up with the good work and be sure you communicate to that cc . keep options open.
  6. by   sharann
    You say you spent 3 months during orientation in open heart rooms. My question is: What did you think about it? Do you envision yourself in there, or did you find it not to your liking?
    Having a great "offer" is wonderful...but only if this is the place you want to call home.
    Let us know!
  7. by   ORnrseJeanie
    Hi... I am new to this web bear with me.. I have been in the operating room for quite a few years doing all services and open hearts. I have recently changed my state of residency and going from just open hearts to both. I like the variety and I personally feel you would do well to get a broader background in the other services and then later move into open hearts full time if you like. I agree tho.. once you get started in the hearts you may not get to move elsewhere. But.. follow your heart.. :-)

  8. by   heartholder
    I feel that to be a good team member, you need to do general OR before going on the heart team. but be careful, you might get pigeon holed into the heart team. I was and had to quit the hospital to get off the team. but if you ever decide to be a travel nurse.........go for the heart team........lots of needs for CVOR nurses, be sure to learn to scrub the hearts too.
  9. by   tariet
    Thank you everyone for all your great input!!!
    I've decided that getting a "well rounded" education in the OR is the way I'm going to go. And boy am I getting an education!! :-)
    Looking around and talking with other OR nurses I've come to the conclusion that those nurses that can go from specialty to specialty have a broader understanding (not to mention a lot less stess...eventually ) about the OR. While it would be nice to be able to concentrate on one specialty and get it under my belt before moving on, it seems where I work it's either specialize or become jack of all trades. I agree with the comments about heart nurses getting pigon holed in hearts. I've also seen heart nurses come out of hearts to the general side and not have a clue as to what's going on. Not all mind you, but the majority can't do any other types of procedures but hearts. I'm enjoying the variety and versatility of never knowing just what's coming up next. I'm enjoying learning it all but have to say that I can't wait to get a good year under my belt so my nerves and stomach can start to recover. I'm still terrified but having a ball!! Thanks again for all the input!!
  10. by   joannep
    Are you able to ask the CC if you can return to cardiac after you have done maybe, 12 - 18 mths general or? Would she be open to that idea?