New nurse - HELP!

  1. I am a new nurse in the operating room and I have a skills assessment tomorrow. I haven't been able to find two of the questions that will be on my exam.

    What does an RN do in the event of a perforated bowel/bladder?

    What does an RN do in the event of an unexpected ileal conduit?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   crawlyberry
    Hey....did you ever get the answers to these questions?
  4. by   IsseyM
    Great questions. I'm curious to know the answers because this has never occurred in any of my cases and i hope not anytime soon.

    I know for sure with perforated bladder, the surgeon will ask for a urologist consult. We have to notifiy the charge nurse and she calls any available surgeon to assist. If not already in the room you have to quickly gather instruments, sutures/ties and supplies necessary for bowel surgery or bladder surgery . Sometimes if patient doesn't already have a foley, you have to crawl under the drapes to insert a foley.
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