new grad RN - WHAT's a typical day like in the OR?

  1. Question for all the experienced OR nurses. I am a new grad on my 3rd week of orientation on a med/oncology unit. This isn't what I wanted to do but the OR residency spot had already been taken at the time and now another one is open and I would like to try it. What is a typical day like for OR nurses from coming to a shift to end? What are your duties? What are the hassles and obstacles you come across with often? What's is orientation like for a new grad like me with no nursing experience whatsoever except clinical during school. I would really appreciate some input. THank you all!
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    I would love to hear about this as well. If it's already posted and someone knows where, could you post a link as well. There are an awful lot of threads in here. LOL!
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