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  1. Hi everyone! I recently came across this site, and have been "lurking" for a few days trying to get information! I just graduated from a BSN program on 08/03/06, and have obtained a job in the OR of a large teaching hospital. I haven't started yet (have to wait for my temporary license to come in -- hopefully I'll get them in a couple of weeks), but can't wait to get started! I've always wanted to work in the OR, but I knew how hard it was for a new grad to get in! I felt truly blessed when 2 openings for new grads came open shortly after I had sent in my resume/application! My orientation will last 1 year -- which I think is great since there is SO much to learn! I just wanted to say "hi", and if anyone has any words of wisdom they want to share, I would really appreciate it!
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    First of all Congrats on graduating and getting a job in the OR..I am a fairly new nurse..Graduated in May...I have worked in the OR as a student scrubbing for a year and they hired me as a nurse..The first thing is try not to get overwhelmed..You probably will..In the OR for me it was way different than what I have learned in nursing school..You are still going to assess you patient, do foleys and some things like that...For me it felt like I was in school all over again..Learning set ups for different cases, perferences of certain doctors, remembering policies and procedures. If I were you I would carry around a little pocket sized notebook and write down things...That is something that helps out alot..As if someone says something dont take it personnal...If a doctor or someone else says something to me I just let it roll off of my back...The OR can be a stressful enviorment like any other job..Just take one day at a time and do be afraid to ask questions..It seems like I ask a million a day but that is the only way to learn..Plus dont be afraid to ask for help..I hoped this helped a little..Good luck on your new job and boards!
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    Thanks for the reply Tessa! I like the suggestion about having a small notepad with me -- I'll definitely do that. It's great that you got to work in the OR as a student. Our school didn't offer any OR time, except one day (actually about 4 hours) during the first semester of clinicals! I could have spent every day of clinicals in the OR if they would have let me!