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  1. Hello everyone....just wanted to spread the good news....just a couple of hours ago I took the CNOR exam and PASSED. Although I have to wait for the official letter in the mail in 4 - 6 weeks I am going out tonight to celebrate with some friends!!!! :hatparty: :biere: :smiley_aa
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  3. by   Snowshooz
    Its a great feeling to pass isn't it?? :spin: I've been a CNOR since 1987
    Hopefully, the hospital where you work will give Cert differential too!
    My hospital does and it really adds ups..

    Go Celebrate, you deserve it! :spin:
  4. by   crackerjack
    Hey, congrats!!! It always feels wonderful to complete something. :mortarboard:Passing is something that goes well beyond wonderful hehehe Hope you enjoyed the good company and celebration :smiley_aa
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    Hi Snowshooz, Unfourtunately my hospital does not give anytype of bonus or differential for certification at this time...maybe someday...oh well. I hoping this makes me abit more marketable for future employers. How much a differential do you receive? I could always put a proposal into leadership...what's the worse they can say.
  8. by   Snowshooz

    The hospital where I work pays $1.00/hour for Cert Diff.
    Every little bit adds up...Good Luck!

  9. by   IVyPush-her
    :smiley_aa Congrats:smiley_aa

    How did you prepare? Any words of advice for us out there that are studying for the exam?