Midnights, wish me luck

  1. This week I have 4 midnights Wed-Sat and I am the only RN there..We only have one RN and tech on midnights..Ive worked about 4 midnights but I was with a RN training..Im not going to lie I am very nervous...Its not trauma night tonight so it soundnt be that bad..We are trauma on even days..I just hope that I remember to call everyone that needs called just in case something does come in...there just are so many people to remember..I think when I get to work I am going to make me a list of the call people, pacu, anes docs, CRNA on call, the trauma docs, perfusion, OHRR, and so on..I am still nervous...I think that working these midnights will be good to break me into them since I will be working them everyother week..I am just nervous
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  3. by   IsseyM
    Wow! I can see how you would be nervous, i would be too if i were in your shoes! One RN and its you...whewwww thats some pressure right there! You can do it, from your posts you sound like a very intelligent and confident person. It sounds like you know what you are doing and should a situation come up i am confident that you will be able to handle it! This may sound wierd but if it were me i would think up different scenarios, "What ifs" and try to think of ways i would handle them, in what order, what immediate actions to take, etc...kind of like case studies. I like to think ahead, plan and practice hoping not to be caught in a "panicking i don't know what to do moment". I find that this helps with the nervousness alittle bit. I wish you alot of good luck! You will do great!

  4. by   tessa_RN
    Thanks..I am running situations through my head like what if we get an emergency heart who to call and what to get..If we get a crani what headrest to get and which way to turn the bed for certain docs..I think will time everything will get better..of course I have heard horror stories which makes it even better...On girl worked midnights and first she had a whipple come in, and while in the middle of that a heart came over from the cath lab, and then a crani rushing through the door all at the same time..Our neuro call and heart call have 30 minutes to get to the hospital so she was telling me about this..but I have a list of nurses who told me to call them if I had any questions..I work with great people..They help me out alot and I think that makes a big difference..I know of one nurse it doesnt matter what time of night I would call her she would tell me what I needed to do...when I get there I am going to make me a list of things so all will go well..
  5. by   tessa_RN
    I just wanted to say that my midnights went great..One 1 of the 4 nights we had cases but it was an emergency crani but it wasnt too bad..Im just glad to get the nervousness out of my system..Having those 4 days have made me alot more confident
  6. by   IsseyM
    Congrats! I knew you could do it! This is wonderful news and so happy to hear that it went well for you. Well done Tessa, U go girl!!!