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  1. I am working in the Operating Room about a month and I have observed some Surgeons who happened to degrade our Nursing profession. One incident happened when the surgeon got irritated of the room where he is doing the operation and the room has no air-con, he blamed it all to the scrub and the circulating nurses and told them how stupid they are. The surgeon even shouted it at the nurse's faces in front of everyone inside the room. Yes I understand that it is hard to do an operation when the room is warm but to shout at the nurses and tell them how stupid they are is a different story. We are also professional people and educated like these MD's and should not be treated such. Another common incident in the OR is when the MD got confused of the procedure or couldn't find the certain artery, nerve or even the specimen, the MD will again blame it all to the nurses as if we nurses are the "shock absorbers" of these MD's frustrations in life. Again the MD will shout, ask for the instrument in a yelling manner, would tell bad words to the nurses, tell how stupid nurses are etc.

    Does it has something to do with how much salary we nurses get compared to surgeons that is why they treat us like crap? I felt like they looked to us as if we are their servant, laborer or a peon. I don't want to see or even hear someone degrading our profession. We are also professional and educated like MDs and we should not be treated such. Besides, no one should be treated this way because we are all human beings and deserve respect. Is there any chance that I could answer back these MDs and defend our beloved profession? I fear that my supervisors and superiors would not appreciate it if I answered back to MDs and instead they will defend the surgeon instead of me because it happened before when one nurse answered back to the doctor. Please tell me how and I will restore the dignity of nurses that these MD degraded. :trout:
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  3. by   TracyB,RN
    Well, I think this is an age old problem that will not go away, until we as professional nurses start to stand up to this behavior in a professional manner.
    I think that most hospitals have a form to write up inappropriate behavior. After 6 months at my current facility, I just used one the other day to describe how the surgeon was describing his patient in a less than humane manner.
    It starts with us. We must take advantage of these forms, while maintaining an air of professionalism. The only way things will change, is if we are all consistent in reporting unprofessional behavior from a surgeon.
    Sure, they have a lot on the line, but we do as well. It's not acceptable for a surgeon to call us names out of their own frustration. The best we can do is have the room ready on time, have the equipment ready to go & if you are being disrespected, don't tolerate it. It won't be easy & it won't fix things overnight, but it really needs to be done sometimes.
  4. by   peddler
    Everyone can tell anyone "You don't get to speak to me like that". Folks certainly don't have to say please and thank you and may I have another. But they certainly never get to speak down to you. Tell 'em and they'll either straighten up and NOT speak that way to anyone again (unlikely) or they simply will put it on the buck slip "do not let nurse X in the room" which is fine by me as well.