Kaiser Assessment Test

  1. I got a job at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara as a travel nurse. It is going to be my first travel assignment. I received an email that I have to take 2 assessment test. Medication Administration and Telemetry Knowledge Tests. Has Anyone here took the test before?
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  3. by   HalfBoiled
    I have taken it. Very simple and basic.
    I would say to review drips as they were always my weaker areas.
    Telemetry would be very basic and on the surface. (meaning you WONT see something along the line of 2nd Degree type 2 block w/ PVCs)
  4. by   Pajama84
    Oh thank you.
    One more question. does it tell you right away if you pass or fail after you take the test?
  5. by   Pajama84
  6. by   HalfBoiled
    It will tell you pass or fail at the end only.
    No test answers will be reviewed.
  7. by   Pajama84
    I see. Thank you so much for the info.
  8. by   Kuriin
    The telemetry one can be a little difficult as (if it's the same one I had to initially take) it's been xeroxed over numerous times making it difficult to read. But, it's your typical rhythms and interventions. I think you have one junctional rhythm on there, the rest are AV blocks and sinus. Maybe a sinus pause, not sure.

    The assessment/medication administration is *SO* easy. Very basic med calc math (Want/Half*Vehicle) and injection sites.