Jehovah's Witness patient !!!

  1. my question is: we had a critcal incident related to a 45 old lady who consented not to be given any blood or blood products even under severe situation that could lead to hear death. during the operation this patient had bleed and she was required blood transfusion. The surgion was keen to do it to save her life, but the anaesthetist refused to do it. My qestion her as a scrub nurse is what to do?? do we need to carry on with the operation without any objection to save her life???
    What else can we do as a preoperative nurse in this situation??
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  3. by   Talino
    The procedure and the risks involved were explained. The patient consented. She made her wishes clear. An agreement was made.

    If the surgeon reneged, then there is a breach of this agreement.
    Altho her life may have been saved by this action, damage is done on her well-being!

    Verdict? Medical malpractice!

    Just my analogy
  4. by   armyrn
    You cannot transfuse someone once they have made it explicitly clear that they do not wish to have a blood transfusion! You should thank that anesthetist, as without their refusal to go against the patient's wishes you could very well be sitting in a courtroom as a co-defendant right now. If you have patients with DNR orders do you defibrillate them anyway? Of course not! Why is this situation any different?