I'm an an RN training to be an O.R nurse and I have to write a paper...

  1. Hi! I'm an RN and I'm in the O.R. course. I need to write a paper on what attracts nurses to OR nursing and what keeps them there...if anyone could give me their experiences and opinions it would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   mud
    Hi there. I am also an RN, in an OR course...Glad to meet you!! I remember when I first saw the posting for a reg. PT position in our hospitals' OR. I thought, could I do that? I knew that I had loved the very little time I had spent in the OR as a student.... Not having the course, and not having been a nurse for more than five years, in a few different areas in that time....I was unsure if I should make the attempt at an other move. I applied anyway....with lots of the girls encouraging me to do so. It is great in many ways.......number one? I knew the chance for fulltime there in the near future was better than on the floors. I get called to work all the time, being spcialized has its perks for sure.!! I love the hours, I don't mind the call. This may sound awful........but not having to deal with some of the pts., and their families is really nice too. I enjoyed the surgical floor I worked on......most of the time. I am the type to joke around with my pts. I do miss that. It is such an interesting area to be in....... I am really glad I made the switch...I still work the floors on occasion..to keep my hand in it. Each time I am there, I remember how much I love being in the OR. It is areally neat family in there!! Good luck
  4. by   Bailey
    Hi! Thanks for writing back...I feel the same way as you...it's kind of a nice change not having to deal with bedpans as well as difficult patients/families! I know, it sounds awful, but that's why we picked the OR! I'm enjoying my course, but there's so much to learn that I hope I feel more confident as time goes on. Good luck to you too!!!!
  5. by   cpkranky
    When I graduated from nursing school I didnt know what I wanted to do but I always thought the operating room was fasinating so I went. I got a great orientation and I have been in the OR now for 10years. I am a traveling nurse now and have been doing it for 5 years. There is nothing like it..you definetly dont learn it in nursing school. There is alot to learn and it takes about a year for that "light to go on" where you feel comfortable doing most cases and you learn something new everyday in the OR.Good luck and enjoy.