ICU nurse turning over new leaf in OR

  1. I have been an ICU nurse for about 10 yrs. I am going to change to OR come Jan 14th. Any advice on how to make transition smoother?
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  3. by   DNRme
    I also went from critical care to the OR (many years ago). To me, the OR is another critical care area. All of your experience in the unit will serve you well in the OR. I found I had a better sense of sterile fields than other new staff because I had done so many procedures in ICU.

    Remember, though, there is SO much to learn. You will be spending more time crawling on the floor than you ever thought you would. It is really a whole new world...good luck
  4. by   Uro-DaVinci
    Welcome to the wonderful world of the OR. First, expect to feel and BE overwhelmed for a while . . . . about 3 - 4 months. Try to learn as quickly as possible the who, what, when, where and why of the procedures to which you will be assigned. For example if the surgeon says I need a TA60 - what is that? where is it kept? Who knows what it is and where it is kept? What else do I need with that - reloads? Who is asking for it? - because that surgeon may call it a TA60 but in reality the thing is marked TX60. Learning the individual surgeons lingo and preferences is key (Who?) The why of these things will come with time and experience. Anticipate, anticipate, anticipate!!! Read a book like Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery to get a feel for the routine steps of the procedure. If you have to go get say a 4.0 suture get at least two or three more of that suture and have it in the room. Check all equipment to make sure it is functional. Be a boy or girl scout - be prepared for anything. Only experience and time will put this all in perspective for you. It WILL take time, be patient with yourself. Best of luck! Hope you love it.