I really want to be an OR nurse, but?

  1. I am currently half way through nursing school, my experience includes: CNA in geriatric and hospital setting(20 years between the 2) also non sterile operative procedures such as oral surgery(out patient) and endoscopy. Literally from one end to the other,lol! When I started nursing school I transferred from endoscopy to the ED( because of the need for evening shift and the interest in trauma!). Although my position is that of an emergency tech, it has offered me great insight into what the nurses experience in the emergency department on a daily basis. Long story short, it's not for me. Its chaotic (I realize the OR could be too), messy, unpredictable and very unorganized. Coming from doing scheduled procedures(endoscopy, oral surgery) I really miss the regimen of those processes. I recently had my OR experience in school and I loved it! I went in thinking I would hate it, but I was wrong. I love the planning, the schedule, the need for rapport with the docs and the focus required by the rn for the procedures. I will be 40 in less than a month and I have had much experience in healthcare, and surprisingly have a need for an organized workplace. I don't want med-surg because I know I would hate it, and the other departments I've either rotated to or worked in bring me a great sense of dread envisioning a future there. My only concern with choosing the operating room right out of the gates is of course experience. I was already offered a position and the hospital offers a nurse residency program of at least 6 months. I know that the "floor nurse" experience is recommended but, I know I won't want to ever do that kind of nursing. Considering all of this, am I making the right decision by going to the OR right out of school?
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    You would be starting off in the OR with a clean slate. You would not have any confusion from what you learned as a floor nurse. What benefit would there be in getting a year of floor nursing before working in the OR. You would end up starting over as a novice nurse and learning how to be a circulator in the OR.

    You have some healthcare experience (and life experience) to know what you like and don't like. You also know that if you decide that you don't like OR after a year or two, it will be difficult to adapt to floor nursing since your experience is entirely OR. If you are certain that OR is your "calling" or your "dream job" , then go for it.
  4. by   paranormal.coffeepot
    I felt the exact same way in nursing school. The whole med/surg, floor nursing "training" bored the sin out of me even while still in school. Some nurses love it but I knew for a fact I'd need something more stimulating and exciting for me once I graduated. Luckily, I was able to shadow in the OR, ED, and IR. All of which are fairly different. If the ED was too hectic for you when you shadowed, I might avoid a hospital OR and stick to a surgery center instead. Surgery centers always have planned procedures, no traumas, only day shift hours, some call. Plus you will still get to circulate which is a blast!!! The second option is to circulate in IR. These procedures are done in hospitals and surgery centers but MOST of the time are scheduled. They are always awesome procedures to watch and the patient usually leaves with a couple tiny incisions. You would be spending 75% of your work day wearing protective lead as well. Hope this helps give you a few ideas. At the end of the day, do whatever will make you happy. OR nurses are needed like crazy lately.

    Backround: Employed as a circulator at a level one trauma hospital right out of nursing school. Always busy, always exciting, never bored. ������ Love my work.