How do the roles of OR nurse and Surgical Tech differ?

  1. I'm currently taking prereqs for the ADN nursing program. Can anyone clarify what the differences are?

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  3. by   RayneeST2ADN
    I went to school for an associate degree in surg. tech, worked in OR for 3 years now and will be starting an ADN program this fall. My role as a surgical tech. is to set up (open) the room, nurses can also help with this if time is available. I scrub, set up the sterile field, hand insturments, suture and sometimes first assist. A nurse can also "scrub" if she/he is given the opportunity to learn
    how. I am responsible to make sure supplies are in the room so my circulator (nurse) doesn't run her butt off, make sure there are no breaks of sterility and always anticipate the need of the surgeon. I cannot circulate a room you have to be licensed.In a nut shell, a surg tech can ONLY scrub.A nurse can scrub and circulate. As far as the role of a circulator, I don't have any experience as one yet, but they do all the paperwork, positioning of the patient (along with the CRNA), transport pt. on stretcher to and from OR, they have alot of responsibilities! I hope I have given you a little insight on the differences!
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    Thank you. That was gave me a better idea. Good luck with your studies.