how do I prepare for the OR?

  1. I have just received the good news of being accepted into a graduate program for OR nursing in Jan 2006. How can I best prepare for this exciting position? What books to read?
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  3. by   grimmy
    [font="book antiqua"]there's the standard alexander's, but if i were you, and i was about 18 months ago, i'd take a good 2 week vacation, and treat yourself very well. you're going to need a good immune system, and a great support system. yes, read if you like, but what i'm saying is that all the reading in the world will not prepare you for the first 3-6 months in the or. you will find that taking good physical, mental, and spiritual care of yourself will take you far in this line of work. far too many rns do not do that, and burn out quickly. all the tasks you will learn will not be in the book. finding things in a busy or is not in the book. until you actually handle instruments, learn their names (and it takes a while - give yourself time), clean them, learn the required sterilization techniques, you will be feeling kinda ignorant. that's normal. at first learning to pass instruments appropriately will feel like learning how to drive all over again while learning to tie your shoelaces at the same time. it's uncomfortable at first. that's normal. there's a ton of policies to learn, and you'll break some rules by accident. that's normal.
    are you getting my drift? you will be uncomfortable for a while, and it's normal to feel that way. so, please, be kind to yourself. read, but don't stress. be gung-ho, but don't lose your enthusiasm when you get into the thick of it. there will be a lot of pressure from all around you, so don't beat yourself up when you make mistakes. you will make mistakes. accept it now. then, after 3-6 months, come back and read this message again. you'll need it. we'll be here.
  4. by   SFCardiacRN
    Grimmy is right. Just relax for now. Trying to learn OR from a book can be overwhelming. The old Alexanders were good text books but the new Mosby's-Alexanders `are worthless. Way too much useless information. There are a couple of good instrument texts out there. Try the hospital library first and look for one that is all pictures. About all you can really teach yourself is the name of clamps. Welcome to the OR and GOOD LUCK!
  5. by   BernadetteRNBSN
    try and get some (many) shadow/share days before you start your program. It's good to hang out with nurses who are in your field of interest.