Hibeclens prep for ICD or Pacer insertions

  1. Please help me with this. I work in an ElectroPhysiology lab where we insert pacers and ICD's. We were using Durapreps to clean the skin and we had a slight bump in our infection rate. So..the powers to be decided that we should go back to Hibiclens prep. What is the standard of care for a Hibiclens prep? I have heard 3 wet and then dry is sufficient. LOL The anesthesia dept makes fun of out dept because it takes us so long to prep a patient! Is there a OR standard of care?
    Please help me!
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  3. by   CCL"Babe"
    We used betadine three wet then a dry unless someone was allergic to betadine. If there was an allergy, we used three hibeclens, then one rinse then one dry. As far as I know, we never had an infected site. We stopped inserting pacers and ICDs about a year ago, they all go to the OR now instead of the cath lab.
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    Thank you@@@@@@@@@

    Now...is there any documentation I can show these goof balls?

    They also open a Universal Drape take everything from in it...and pitch the bottom drape! ***** I tell them...that can be used for your table cover! I think they need an OR nurse or tech to orient them to OR proceedures!

    Calgon...take me away!
  5. by   stevierae
    Here's a faster prep so they won't make fun of you--

    Betadine gel.

    Works on contact.

    Wipe it on, once, and you are good to go. No scrubbing is necessary.

    I have been using this product since 1980, though some ORs think it is brand new and have all kinds of misinformation about it (like, it need to "sit" for 10 minutes to be effective--untrue.)

    Again, it works on contact.

    Start using Betadine gel and you can say: Criticize THIS, anesthesia!
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