Hello OR Folks

  1. first of all i just wanted to say hello to all the or folks here. i just found this board, hope ya'll don't mind me coming over here from the student board.

    i'm hoping i'll be able to find an or that allows me to scrub. i was a private scrub for a 3 doc oral surg group for 12 years. hubby's job moved us to s. ill, so i took the plung at 42 and am now finishing my first semester of an adn program. that aaorn site really does push the bsn, but i think most "groups" feel that way. of course as nurses hopefully we will never stop learning, even if we do not continue in college. just hoping the adn will be enough for the or cause i'd really hate to have to retire before i ever start working.

    anyway, i'm glad i found you.

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  3. by   KC CHICK
    Hi Sandra,
    I know you'll be able to work in the OR w/an ADN....I am. Most hospitals will train you to scrub and circulate.
    The hospital where I work uses RNs to circulate, no scrubbing at all. Fine with me, though....saves back and knee trouble later.
    Good luck w/your ADN program!!!! Let us know how you're doing.

    Don't get discouraged...most ADN programs don't teach a lot about the OR. Just be patient and you'll get through your rotations.