Giving a urology inservice, need sujestions

  1. I am going to be giving an inservice in our OR concerning urology. The only thing is that I don't have a specific topic in urology to give an inservice on. When you were learning about cystoscopy, ureteroscopy, TUBT, TURP, laser lithotripsy, bladder biopsies, etc., was there anything that would have been helpful to know beforehand. What was difficult to learn? Concepts that were difficult to grasp? Looking back, is there anything you wished you would have been taught? Also, does anyone see a lack of knowledge from other staff members concerning these different areas of urology? Thank you very much for your input.

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  3. by   JenJen82084
    Hello. This seems like a really simple topic, but I know it's an important one. When I started learning the urology service, I had a hard time getting a straight answer regarding which fluid to use during which case especially when doing scope cases (i.e. NaCl, glycine, ringers, water, etc). It seemed like no one had an explanation and it was simply left as some sort of unwritten rule or unknown source of knowledge based off preference cards. I always thought it would be helpful to have a cheat sheet or table that someone who wasn't familiar with urology cases would be able to reference. Hope this helps!
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    Hi there,

    The possibilities are endless.
    If you tackle the "fluid" suggestion that JenJen82084 suggests, you could also include TUR syndrome as part of your topic.. you also could explain why NACL is the medium used for laser, and reason you don't use NACL for TURBT etc..
    Another area is to go over all of the varying catheters, guide wires, stone baskets etc.
    If you choose to go over say when to use a coude catheter, when the urologist may ask for a councill tip catheter, hematuria cath, 3way, 2way etc.etc. you see where I am going you can show that a councill tip has a hole in the end and goes over a guide wire for difficult catheterizations etc. There are so many different guide wires, stiff bodied, flexi tip, hydrophilic coated (so that when water is added) they slide more readily.. all of the varying flexible disposable graspers for ureteric stone basket extraction could be covered in your discussion.

    If you are not wanting to talk about endourology, you could talk about open urology or laparoscopic nephrectomy..
    I don't know if you do robotic prostatectomy at your site, but this is also a fascinating area of urology.
    And another suggestion is to cover the use of the holmium laser in urology, it's varying
    uses from laser enucleation prostate to laser lithotripsy bladder calculi, ureteric calculi and so on.
    And my favorite is a history of urology through the Ages with emphasis on the instruments, the people, and how this speciality evolved.
    AUA Didusch Site | William P. Didusch Center for Urologic History

    Good Luck with your inservice!
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    I mean suggestions. Sorry for the spelling error. oops.