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  1. I would like to hear from other travelers where they have been and some adventures they have had..I have had some "adventures" in my traveles as well...also if any have been to cape cod and there experience there.
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  3. by   seadiverrn
    i am thinking of traveling, i work in CVOR. I would love to hear about your experiences, good or bad. Any information that you have, i would love to share.

    Email address is
  4. by   heartholder
    I am a new (well kinda) traveler...I am on my third assignment I just extended here in Nashville,Tn doing CTOR (CardioThoracic Operating Room) it is great here in Nashville, lots of travelers where I am ...I am the only RN traveler...the others are CST's....I am a home body so I don't go out much....but I do like the more politics....

    just my 2 cents worth
  5. by   turtleclan
    After nearly 22 years in the OR, I started travel nursing last August. It has certainly been an adventure. The rewards in personal and professional growth are worth moving from assignment to assignment. My best advice to potential travelors would be to find a reliable company. All travel companies are not alike. Do your research before you sign on the bottom line. I could not say enough positive things about my company, Procare USA. Talk to other travel nurses about their companies. We travelors are more than willing to share.
  6. by   heartholder
    I have to agree... I have learned so much...I feel much more confident, and that is a great feeling...I have been an OR nurse for 10 years and started traveling this year...I have tried a couple of different companies...because I am limited to the areas that I will go to....
    like I said in a previous reply...I am a homebody...and my hubby stays at home while I do the travel thing. he has to work and he carries the I am limited on the areas that I will travel too.
    and yes check out the travel company before you ... talk to the travelers in your area ...the ones that I have talked to have traveled with different companies....
  7. by   kathyann65
    I am on my third travel assignment-second OR assignment, and I have already learned a wealth of information-but, I must say-it is difficult for me in the first week or two of an assignment.Somebody will yell out for something, and I won't know what the heck they are talking about because they call it something different than what we called it at our home often are the same, but have different names.Until I learn their language, I am a bit nervous..and-it seems sometimes that the regular staff get a kick out of sending you on several scavenger hunts for things during a case, that you know they could probably live without-I find that a bit frustrating...I did come from a small facility, and had not been previously exposed to many of the surgeries I have been exposed to traveling.Nerve wrecking at first, But I feel much more confident now and have learned alot!It is definitly an adventure, and not for the weak at heart!