Female Foleys... I STINK AT THEM>>> HELP!!! - page 2

Any tips, please? I just havent dont them much in my career, so I am not good at female foleys. I mean, the pt is asleep, froglegged, how much easier can it get , right? I must be missing something.... Read More

  1. by   lostfromlatex
    A good tip..the hand you are using to retract with, make sure you pull your hand upward, this will help expose the area. Also, the betadine will pool in the urethral opening. Good Luck!
  2. by   TKM_LPN
    I prefer to use the side method to cath elderly residents. It is alot better than wrestling with their legs and some can't tolerate laying that way. While on their side with knees bent, lift labia and most of the time you can see the urethal opening and if not start at the highest point and insert, most of the time you will get results. I also put all three of the cleaning (betadine) swabs together with center one out farther than outside two and with one swipe have area cleansed. Hope this helps.