Experienced OR RN Interview - What questions should I prepare for?

  1. I will be interviewing for an OR position in a few weeks, what questions should I be prepared to answer as an experienced OR nurse? I have an idea of the behavioral questions (for example "describe a conflict with a coworker and how you handled it?") they will ask but what else should I be prepared for? Should I be able to rattle off statistics related to my current position - number of surgeries per month/year, SCIP compliance, etc?? I have been in my current position for three years so I'm a bit 'interview rusty'. Also, the facility is significantly larger than my current place of employment - 150+ more beds and a level I vs a level II trauma center.

    What kind of questions should I ask in return aside from call requirements and scheduling? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   lockheart678
    The two hospitals that offered me a job out of my recent interviews both asked me to describe a difficult situation (not necessarily with a coworker) and how I handled it. I think that was the hardest question asked of me.

    Make sure you find out all you can about benefits, including 401K. Find out how much you get paid to take call and how much of it you'll be required to take, and also how often people typically get called in if you're concerned about that. Since you're not experienced in a level one trauma center, make sure they get you in on those level one traumas while on orientation when they come so you'll be prepared to handle them on your own. I would also ask about the charting system they have. I'm sure they'll discuss it but find out what services they do the most of and see how that compares to your skill set.
  4. by   Dela RN
    Not an experience OR nurse but here's some questions they asked me...

    1. Tell me about your past employment and how it's relevant to this position.
    2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What were you goals 2 years ago? What are your goals now?
    3. Why are you interested in the operating room? Why do you want to be an OR nurse?
    4. What kind of communicator are you and give an example of it?
    5. Give an example of a confrontation between you and a co-worker, how was the problem solved?
    6. What are the roles of the nurses in the OR?
    7. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    8. What would your colleagues say about you?
    9, How would you set up for a latex allergy?
    10. What is the safe surgery checklist?
    11. How do you handle stress in your life?
    12. How do you handle emergency situations? And give an example.
    13. What is family centred care? (I work in a peds OR)
    14. Rate how well you are as a scrub and a circulating nurse in these services: eg. Ortho, general, ENT, Neuro, plastics, etc.
    15. How do you maintain your education?
    16. How would you set up for an emergency craniotomy as a scrub nurse and as a circulating nurse?
    17. How do you prepare to scrub/circulate for case you've haven't done?
    18. How do you maintain a good work life balance?
  5. by   msancheeze
    Thank you lockheart678 and Dela RN! Your suggestions will most definitely help me prepare for my upcoming interviews!