Dressings for heart surgery-legs and sternum

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    smith and nephew have discontinued the dressings we use for our hearts on the sternum and leg incisions. we also use them for our carotids, mediastinoscopys and thoracotomys.

    we need a dressing that blood can be wiped off of but is just the right size for our incisions.

    the ones we have been given are either too small or too big.

    if anyone out there does hearts or cardiovascular surgery what kind of dressings are you all using???????????

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  3. by   heartholder
    what did you use before??? I have done hearts at 2 different hospitals and at the first one we used 4x4's and foam tape..on the chest and legs...then used ace wrap on the legs or arm if a radial artery was used.. now at this hospital we use 4x4's and just paper tape on the chest and legs and use the ace wrap on legs and arm...and we have used the air strip that I think you are talking about...have you thought about cover roll??? and I agree the air strip is a good product.

    hope this helps
  4. by   anglgrl63
    Thanks for responding-we are currently using air strips from Smith and Nephew but they are discontinuing them. We really did not want to go back to 4 x 4's and tape. The air strips were waterproof and able to be wiped off if blood from the field got on them and they came in sized that we could use on all of our cases.

    We have been looking for a company who might make something similiar but have not been able to yet. We have looked at 3m and Johnson and Johnson etc but have not had any luck


  5. by   RockieSis
    We are using a Maxorb wick on the incision followed by an Arglaese clear film dressing. Can be wiped clean with out any problem. Unsure of the manufacture. Will bring that informatio home tomorrow and post.
    Rockie Sis
  6. by   shudokan-RN
    we used Dermabond, the OR i work in now does not do hearts
  7. by   RockieSis
    Medline markets the clear film dressing and the wick that we use in the OR for our heart dressings. Maxord and Arglease are the name of the products. Check with the reps in your area.
    Rockie Sis
  8. by   zambezi
    Our patients come back with tefla (telfa?? I can't remember how to spell it...) island dressings. Similar dressing on leg, but thicker and longer....not sure of the name...