Disposable safety straps on the OR table - page 2

My hospital switched to disposable safety straps on the OR tables. Originally it was intended to change after each surgical patient. Due to "budget" they are only changed after visably soiled. Even... Read More

  1. by   lars4fells
    have any of you had a patient fall off the table? Patient safety is most important right?
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  2. by   canesdukegirl
    We have the leather safety belts, but sometimes we have to use the velcro ones if we have to strap the down leg in a lateral position. I take these to the sink, fill it up with Klenzyme and let it soak. I then pour on our regular disinfectant and let it sit for a while.

    I worked at a hospital when I was a traveler that used single use straps. I ALWAYS threw them out. If someone challenged me, I had the wrapper readily available to show them that it was single use.