DaVinci Robot Assisted Surgery

  1. We're very excited to say that our OR just got the robot with a huge investment from the facility. I have 4 staff (2 RN's and 2 ST's) who are getting the initial and full training. We are starting out with radical prostatectomies and I'm wondering if anyone has some advice for us on what worked well at their facility????

    *What you wished you had more of?

    *What you would have done differently?

    *Most helpful advice for the first case?

    I "run" the board daily and want the cases to go well for not only the patient but for my staff who will be doing their first case in less than 3 weeks. So far, they had 1 full day of training w/the rep and the robot. I'm going to try and get them to a different hospital to observe and another day of training. Our surgeons are traveling out for their training later this month. Any advice is welcome and appreciated
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